A pet trust is a legally enforceable document which instructs on providing for the care, maintenance, and well-being of your animals when you are unable to care for them due to temporary issues, such as a hospital stay, or permanent situations, such as moving into a nursing home which does not allow pets, or your death.


A pet trust allows you to describe in as much detail as you wish, the care that you want your animals to have, such as how and what to feed, how often to walk them, and which veterinarian to use. You can also list others who are involved in caring for the animals. 

The person or organization you choose to take ownership of your animals, when you are unable to care for them, is called the pet guardian.

If you wish, you can fill in the section for funding money or property, and select beneficiaries for any remaining funds.

An attorney must create other pet trusts from scratch, but not the Pet Protection Agreement® pet trust which can be filled in without legal assistance – it’s so simple! - and don't forget their favorite toys!