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three most asked questions

Below are three questions that I am frequently asked.


Question 1

Q: Presently I have a dog. I will always have animals and would like to also provide for future pets that I may have. Do I need additional Pet Protection Agreements?

A: One Pet Protection Agreement pet trust is good for all the pets you have now and all the animals you will have in the future. You do not need to purchase more unless you change the pet guardian. If you have a dog now and 5 cats later they are all covered.

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Question 2

Q: Do I need to reference, in my Will, that I now have a Pet Protection Agreement? 

A: If you have a Will please include:

“I have a Pet Protection Agreement® pet trust for the uninterrupted care of my animals. The Pet Protection Agreement is enacted by either my inability to care for my pets during my life, or in the event of my death. The Pet Protection Agreement is not triggered by my Will, and neither is it generated by my Will. It is a stand-alone document and thus remains outside of probate and outside the rights of a judge to rule.”

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Question 3

Q: What are the hospital forms? 

A: When the pet owner is in the hospital or other facility and needs someone to gain entry into their home to care for their pets, these Hospital Forms legally permit entry to the home or wherever the pets are, allow care for the pets, and promise return of the pets when the pet owner recovers and can care for the animals.

Q: Why we need these forms? 

A: These Hospital Forms legally permit entry, care and return of your pets.

Prior to your hospital stay consider giving these forms out to anyone you think may be helpful. Upon arrival at the hospital or other facility, you could give one to a facility worker.

Are there animals, special needs or young children, elderly, or disabled people you are leaving behind who need care? If you answer yes, then there are services who would     administer care for them, but there is nothing in place to do that for your animals. 

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