California Bill Bans Retail Sale of Non-Rescue Dogs & Cats Across Entire State


California just voted overwhelmingly (103 to 3) to ban the retail sale of commercially bred puppies, kittens, and bunnies in pet stores through the state. If they want to have dogs, cats, and rabbits available, they must partner with shelters and rescue groups.

The goal of the bill (AB 485) is not only to increase the number of rescued animals in need of homes who find them, but to strike to the heart of so much animal suffering. Commercial breeding mills fuel inbreeding, provide minimal to no veterinary care, lack of adequate food and shelter, lack of human socialization, overcrowded cages, and cause neglect, abuse, and the killing of animals when they are no longer profitable.

AB 485 now heads to the Governor. If you live in California, ask him to sign it into law.

If you don’t live in California, ask your politicians to pass a similar law. America – heed this brilliant state who very often leads the pack. Nathan Winograd, thank you for updating us.

Effie Samios