"What is success?
To know that one life has breathed easier because you lived." 

Melinda Gates


What is a Pet Trust?

A pet trust ensures uninterrupted care for your animals by someone you trust, and it instructs about how the pets will be treated. 

Without one, a judge can decide who's responsible for YOUR animals and this could take months or even years. 


Animals are Property

What is property? 
In America’s legal system your animals are property.  Your couch, your home, your car and your money are also property and they are all treated the same way.

However, some property needs immediate care while others can wait. Your pets can not wait.


Do animals have to wait for the Will to be read?


Here's the story:
A family member or friend dies. What's the first thing you do? Read the Will? No.

When does their dog need to be walked or fed?
Who is responsible to do that? 
Even if the Will does dictate what should happen to your animals - how soon will it be before anyone reads it?

Not soon enough. Dog's hungry. 


There are three different kinds of pet trusts:

  • the one mentioned in a Will

  • the one that must be written from scratch
  • and the one that was written by an attorney, but only needs YOU to fill in the blanks! (the Pet Protection Agreement® pet trust)

The guaranteed enforceable pet trust – the Pet Protection Agreement® pet trust

Tens of thousands of Pet Protection Agreements have been filled out online and none have ever lost in court.